Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Last night we loaded the agility equipment in a 12' tall 26' long U-Haul truck. Nedra selected a truck that was just a wee bit too big. The truck is in the chute pulled out ready to leave...hopefully most of the hardest driving is done. MLH volunteered to drive since our usual driver Zeke Talbot had to work.

I dashed from the agility field to puppy obedience class. It was Maundy Thursday and the start of a holiday weekend. I only had 2 puppy students. Since we only had a few turns to take for each exercise, we finished very early. I packed B, G and I back in the car. We headed to Parker to finish up there and finally to the house.

Bern and Grace both practiced weaving this AM. Bern's weaves were horrid. He did so well in class Monday night that I was hopeful. Maybe this afternoon at the trial it will be better. Grace's lightbulb is glowing. She is getting more accurate on giving me a clean set of poles. There is hope for this weekend. She also did a set of 12 for me this morning. I would like for her to get a few Qs this weekend - I think she is ready.