Sunday, April 12, 2009

LCCOC AKC agility trial, Baton Rouge, LA

This weekend we ran in the local AKC club's agility trial. Both Bern and Grace ran every class they could.

Bern - Fri was Exec only so he ran FAST and Standard. Q in FAST (weave poles on the course and not the gamble AND worth only 2 points). He gave me the "I've never seen these before" look at the weave poles on Fri in Standard. However, on Sat he found his weaves again for a Q in Jumpers. We would have had a Q in Standard except his handler made a miscalculation and was, therefore, in the totally wrong place to get him over the double near the very end of the course. On Sun, we had a few bobbles and incomplete weaves in Standard. I think I ran the wrong dog during the Sun jumpers run.... he was charging ahead so I was trying to rear cross (we don't have that). I'll try and post the video later for a good laugh by all.

Grace - Both Sat and Sun she tried really hard. She was mostly clean except for the weaves. She was so excited on one run that she smashed the first bar and took off like a rocket. She will being starting to Q very soon.