Monday, April 20, 2009

USDAA Gulfport, MS show

Sat and Sun we ran in the USDAA Gulfport, MS agility trial.

Bern managed a much needed Standard Q on Sat and made really good efforts at the other courses. His handler (that would be me) messed up his jumpers run. The gamble on Sat was a set of 12 weave poles...not happening for Bern. He made it through the entire Snooker course but missed the upside contact on the 7 point teeter.. so we ended with 35 points (37 points is a Q). Sun morning he decided to walk the start of his Gamblers class run... he got the gamble but didn't rack up enough points in the opening (handler should have known that he had to get in the tunnel before the gamble attempt). However, he came back in fine form to Q in Snooker Sun.

Grace ran great all weekend. She was exceedingly happy and focused on the obstacles and not on herding me. She came really close to Qs on several courses. Sun AM in Gamblers class she was only 0.13 seconds over time. She flew through her Snooker opening and then I messed her up transitioning from the opening to the closing sequence causing her to back jump a red jump. She even tried really hard to weave 12 poles for me in her Standard run on Sat. A little more training along with confidence she is continuing to build and I'll have a really great agility partner very soon. Next week she is trying ASCA-style agility on Friday.