Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rally Advanced Toys

Tonight was puppy class so I loaded everything up and arrived at the obedience training facility. Only 1 of my puppies showed up for class so we combined classes with the adult dog beginner class. That class was a bit more advanced but the puppy is an older rescue that was developing the longer attention span needed for that class.

Grace and I joined the advanced beginner obedience class. Tracey had asked to borrow some new exciting toys from the instructor so Xanadu could practice heeling around them for Rally Advanced. Stirling thought that the practice would be good for all. Xanadu has to have a toy in her mouth when we go out walking at trials. Grace is a bundle of toys at the house and is rarely without one when she is at home. Both Tracey and I are concerned about the exercise... however, both our dogs did well. Grace needs so additional polishing on skills before we go into the RA ring to get her 3rd leg at the end of May.