Sunday, May 17, 2009

Agility Seminar

Elaine Coupe came down to BTR to do a 2nd agility seminar for us. I missed last years so I was happy to get to attend. I worked Grace all weekend. Grace was running much better after some basic drill ideas from Elaine. Take aways from the seminar:

Grace needs jump practice since she is an aussie who jumps like an aussie off her front. She needs to learn to run ahead so I can work rear crosses. Grace is clueless on stopping on the table if it is only 8" off the ground. Grace is very verbal and I need to call out every jump to her even if they are in her obvious path. If I give her early cues for a turn (some sort of collection cue) she is great about turning. I need to keep a connection with her when I'm walking from the start line so she doesn't feel like I'm leaving her behind. I need to take a lead out so I can be ahead of her so she knows she is taking the right thing. When I managed most of this we had some great looking sequences over the weekend.