Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grace... RA title earned

LCCOC Obedience trial day one. There was an emergency trip to WalMart early this AM to replace some stolen stopwatches from the Rally ring box. I had time and was able to help Tracey out. All in all the show got off to a good start.

First in this morning Grace earned her RA title with a 92. This was by far her best showing and best score in Rally Advanced. Unfortunately it still earned her last place today. Therefore, I think we will stay in Rally Advanced and practice a bit more before we move up to Rally Excellent. Her showing in Wildcard Novice Obedience was respectable (she lost 15 points on healing and a few on the recall). We opted to not score the stand for exam with no attempt at the exercise. She managed the 1 minute sit and the 3 minute down just fine. Good GIRL!

Bern required a few double commands in the Open ring today both in the Open A and Wildcard Open to get through the exercises. He did, however, successfully complete each of the exercises with the extra help. After successfully completing the stays for Open A he was excused by his mother (me) from the Wildcard Open stays. Bern was VERY happy in the ring and was joyfully bounding during the offlead healing. The judge finally just took off 10 points for him being too happy and bounding ahead when I stopped. Enthusiasm... we had that today. I hope he keeps it through the rest of the trial.