Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obedience Trial Day 2 and 3

Saturday Grace managed a 4th place in Rally beating out a few competitors (score of 92) earning us a loofa dog toy. This was her first time to not be last in her class. She also competed again in Wildcard Novice. Her healing was better. She dropped on the sit and then a loud clap of thunder cleared most of the dogs of the line during the down stay.

Sunday the Rally Advanced A course was harder than the previous two days. I'm trying so very hard to stand up straight and decrease the babysitting through the course. Grace was happy and is continuing to improve understanding the Rally game. Her score was an 88... not as good as the day before but I think her performance on the harder course was actually better and more true obedience like.

Bern never did manage to qualify in Open during the 3 day trial. Each day he NQ'd the recall w/drop, the retrieve on flat, and retrieve over the highbar. Of course, I told the judge in Wildcard Open to not score the retrieve over highbar on Sunday which is when he did managed it correctly. Regardless, Bern came in 2nd in Wildcard Open on Sunday. We need to proof these 3 exercises at home over the next few weeks. He is so close to getting it all correct that I want to try some additional obedience trials soon since I know exactly what we need to work on. Good Boy!