Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Giggles...

The new computer is up and going at the house (well it least it has internet access and Picasa working on it). I downloaded the photos from the past few weeks and thought I would share a few.

The pain and agony on my face from Bern constantly lunging is quite evident in this photo. It did dawn on Linda that Bern could herd with a basket muzzle on. I guess I need to see if Kay's husband has a basket muzzle I could borrow for Bern. Somehow I don't think the herding lightbulb will ever outshine the fresh breakfast beacon in Bern's eyes.

Grace is continuing to work the sheep well. We are trying to use lots of verbal commands with her so she starts to learn what we want when. Most of the lesson is getting me standing in the correct place so that Grace will turn the sheep when I want her too... preferably in the direction I want. OOOh brother Poor Linda has her work cut out.

On this particular Saturday, Mike and Teddy rode along for the herding lessons. We let Teddy in to work the sheep. He seemed to be enjoying himself but at 13 years old was struggling to run after them for any sustained length of time.

Like I mentioned previously, we did wrangle some sheep across the road to a 2 acre pasture which also contains the small round pen. We moved the tiny lambs by hand carry after Tap, Linda's red merle border collie, caught them for us.