Saturday, April 25, 2009

A herding we shall go...

Saturday mornings, if we are home, are herding lessons. I loaded up my guys as well as Mike and Teddy to head to Linda's farm.

We tried Bern in the big pen and the smaller round pen. Both times he lunged constantly at the sheep. He will not listen to me or Linda even if we have the big stick. He was worse, if that is possible, than he was at the last lesson. Status: Bern has flunked out of herding.

Teddy got a turn. At 13 he is too old to run for sustained periods but he seemed interested when the sheep moved. He rides very nicely in the car and was very polite when it was not his turn. Teddy seemed really happy to get to go. Mike had fun getting in the pen with the sheep.

Grace did great again in both the large pen and the round pen. I managed to get some figure 8s out of the sheep. Linda wants us to work on getting Grace to turn the sheep when I want (not when she thinks she should). Grace is also learning to stop moving (in her case a sit) on command.

We helped Linda move part of the sheep across the road to a 2 acre pasture. This was my first experience sheep wrangling. The small lambs are much faster than they look!

Lots of photos were snapped but the house computer had a motherboard malfunction and is undergoing surgery at Nerdworks currently. Hopefully there will be photos soon.