Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Agility Class

Nedra had laid out a nice agility course 17 obstacles long for us to practice last night.

Grace ran the whole course a few times. She was doing well except I'm disappointed that she is clueless on cues for slowing and turning still. Elaine Coupe gave us lots of good ideas during the seminar and I need to do some additional drills on them with Grace. When Grace refused to down stay while I walked re-numbered version of the course I politely put her in the truck and played with her big brother.

Nedra suggested that I take Grace and begin to back train her weave to encourage speed and forward drive. Grace has that at home but at the field she looks up at me after every pole.

Bern was running well. He managed the tire jump just fine. I was pleased with his speed and focus on the course. However, I could not get a clean set of 12 poles out of Bern. I think he is going to start weaving for his breakfast. Both he and Grace probably need to do that between now and the Monroe agility trial in a few weeks.