Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching Up the Blog

I'm behind posting. I think that is primarily because I've overbooked myself. We are taking a class on Monday night (which I've missed that last 2 weeks). I'm teaching on Wednesday and Thursday. The weekends have been largely devoted to house hunting after Grace finishes herding sheep on Saturday morning.

Grace sheep herding is coming along well. However, she scorched her right paw pads this week on the hot sandy soil at Linda's house. She was limping badly Saturday afternoon. Today she seems better. I'm hoping she will be able to run agility this weekend in Monroe.

Teaching beginner obedience is going well. The class has several motivated people in it. There are still a few of the ladies that are trying to train big dogs in flip-flops. Mike and Teddy are taking the class. Teds is struggling to respond to "down" but he is doing a much better down in the kitchen at home now. We will keep working with him as Mike thinks getting Teds his CGC in the fall would be a big accomplishment... and it would be. Teds now has a training goal.

I've starting teaching agility class. I have the second class level of students. Last week we worked with their leashes on... this week I think we are taking off the leashes. I have a course plan that I want to try. Just a simple oval of equipment. I would like to spread the oval out some after a few runs to try and speed the dogs up some.

Linda was gone the previous weekend so Grace had Saturday morning off. Mike and I decided that we would visit the Audubon Insectarium. By far the nicest feature of the insectarium was the Japanese Garden Room with the free flight butterflies and moths. There were several varieties flying loose in the room. When the museum opened we went into the butterfly flight room first... actually it is the last attraction on the museum tour so we had the room to ourselves. We did the rest of the museum and the butterfly room again - now full of lots of noisy kids. It was very zen space when we were the only 2 people in the room. It would be nice to have a zen space like that at the house.

It was quite hot walking around New Orleans after visiting the insectarium. We ate lunch at the Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter and then strolled and shopped back towards the parked car. Our only purchase were a few beads and a pendulum at Earth Odyssey.

Mike is brushing off his hypnotherapy license. He has signed up to attend a conference next month and is re-reading a few books. I've volunteered to be the next patient... I'm hoping that a session or two of hypnotherapy might give me more inner willpower to stay on my very strict SC Diet. The pendulum relates to the larger study of energy fields of our psychic being and the world around us.