Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Night Agility Class

First, an update on Teds. Teds has come down with canine bronchitis/post-nasal drip. After he is still for long periods of time (like sleeping at night), he gags badly. Dr. Stringer says it is a variant on kennel cough. He has some meds to take to help dry up the drip.

I took Grace with me to the agility field. She and I did my class's Week 5 exercises before class started. She did great on all the beginning handling work. She was very accurate on 4" channel weaves. If the weaves get closed further than that she misses poles. I think we will keep trying this approach... at least she is driving really fast to the cookies and not watching me. After a few more sessions I will start back training me running alongside her.

Teaching class went well. Everyone did full height teeter and dog walk tonight. The A-frame we could get to wasn't quite up all the way but everyone did it well. Next week is our last class. I'm hoping to find a backyard dogs exercise from Clean Run that we can work on.