Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visiting In Oklahoma

I flew home Friday to visit family in Oklahoma. Everyone seems fine here. Mom's dog is actually speaking to me this time. Lately I have been getting him treats as soon as I walk in the door. Plus I have not had to clean his ears or take him to the vet the last few times I have come to visit. Mom continues to be frail and really struggled to make it up and down the one step into Janet's house on Friday evening. Saturday evening we took food to her house and ate over there.

Our trip to Tiger Safari was a no go since the owners were at a big cat conservation conference. Oh well maybe next time when it is cooler. Instead we went to Penn Square Mall for a little back to school shopping. We also stopped by The Spiral Beadery near the mall so I could check it out. The store had lots of inventory.

It is raining here Sunday morning. I enjoyed lying in the bunk earlier listening to the rain fall. Checking my email today I see I'm teaching agility again next session for Loralie.... hmmm don't remember agreeing to this. Oh well I'll just bring Grace and we will practice on Wednesday as that worked fairly well last week. Of course bell choir will eventually start back on Wednesday so I'll need to resolve the schedule conflict.