Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life Still Going By Really Fast.

A week ago Wednesday I started teaching beginning agility again. The class is all new handlers with no prior agility experience. It is a great group of people to teach. I'm really pleased with the enthusiasm and progress. To give them a taste of "real" agility I found a starters jumpers course (no weave poles) for them to practice on. When building it we swapped out the triple for a broad jump, changed the last jump from a wing to a tire, and changed a non-winged jump to a panel. The course is now set up and ready to go for Wednesday night. I'm anxious to see how they do.

A week ago Friday the refrigerator quit cooling. At least the freezer was still working. Monday afternoon late the repair guy arrived and installed a new thermostat. Still no cool air on Tuesday morning so after a second visit the fridge had a new fan. Apparently, the thermostat that works the thaw cycle went out and then froze up the fan that moved cool air up to the fridge or vise versa. Out went the contents of the fridge and I started over buying staples like eggs, butter, yogurt..

Rev Mike preached last Sunday at the Unity Church of Christianity in Baton Rouge. The lesson was The Undiscovered Country. The church is between pastors so they were pleased that Mike could provide meditation and lesson material for one Sunday.

The work week was busy. Between the reschedules of meetings and doctors visits the weeks was overfilled. My back has been really bothering me and I've been exhausted when I get home each night. Therefore, I didn't get much dog training in last week. I have vowed to do better this week.

Grace's herding lesson on Saturday went well. We alternated with another student I had not yet met, Rachel, and her border collier, Riscuit. Grace took two turns in the small pen and a try in the larger pen. With Linda's dog Tap helping we managed better this week than last week in the big pasture. Overall, there has been huge progress forward.

The dogs are continuing to shed in the house. The dogs got brushed good last Friday night and then the rugs got vacuumed over the prior weekend. Early in the week it was easy to pick out who was leaving hair about the house. Mike commented one evening that perhaps we should change Sir Ted's name to Sir Sheds-A-Lot.

All three dogs enjoying getting to play at the agility field during the course building activity. I need to get them out to the field to run loose more often.