Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Busy to Blog...

Teds pictures from the Petco photographer came in while I was in Oklahoma. Mike seems pleased with the pictures. I probably should have taken Bern and Grace also since the photos came out fairly well. Teds has a sore on his left rear leg that is from his contact licking of the spot (a typical older dog problem). Mike looked at the photos and decided that it was time to try and get the sore to heal up. Teds is now sporting vet wrap over a telfa pad and antiobiotic ointment. The sore seems to be healing.

Thursday morning last week Grace had an x-ray of her hips taken by Shelley Spotswood..a fellow aussie trainer. Dr. Shelley says we should be able to work with Grace to get her jumping style changed so she takes off from her rear more with less slinging herself over the jumps. Out of pocket costs... $100

Thursday on my way back to the office I get a VERY flat tire. AAA installs the donut and I limp to class and then home Thursday evening. Friday after my URS annual physical I drop off the car for new tires. Out of pocket costs... $700

Friday after I got the car back with its new tires I take Bern and his sore toe to the vet. His toenail must have gotten caught on something is the vet's opinion. Bern got an x-ray, anti-inflammatory meds, antibiotics, and a vet-wrap bandage. Over the weekend I have both boys sporting vet wrapped legs. His foot had to be covered in a plastic booty (made from a IV drip bag) whenever he went outside so his bandage would stay dry. This meant that the doggie dog was closed and the dogs had to be let in and out of the house. Thank goodness the bandage is now off - Bern seems to be leaving it alone to heal for the most part. Dog door open and things are getting back to normal. Out of pocket costs... $200

Saturday was an NCEES meeting in Baton Rouge at the LAPELS office on Brookline. We reviewed the results of the national Environmental PE survey with the statistical consultant. The end result of the Professional Activity/Knowledge Skills (PAKS) study was to propose an updated problem weighting for the Environmental PE exam based on input from the nationwide survey. It was great to see everyone but the meeting was long and required lots of energy.

Sunday morning 7:00 AM Grace had a herding lesson. We alternated with Noel, Flash, and Rip in the small pen before moving to the pasture with the herding test course obstacles on it. Grace is showing great improvement in her herding. We need a quicker down in the pen so the sheep don't keep moving when I need to walk them to an obstacle. All in all I think we did really good on Sunday. Unfortunately she is now chewing on a rear foot after herding...I'm afraid there may be another vet visit in my future.

Thanks to Aunt Tracey, Teds now has a smaller vari-kennel to call home. He was assigned to the extra crate at the house which was very big dog (Jarka, Heinrich, and Josie) sized. The intermediate vari-kennel will be a smaller footprint in the house.