Thursday, September 3, 2009

Agility Field: Practice and Class

I loaded up all 3 guys and headed to the field yesterday evening. Met Tracey and 3 of her guys. Tracey's Expedition is totally overload for her drive to College Station with 6 dogs this weekend - may all that go smoothly for her.

I let Teds out to walk around some. He was very good with Jenny, Lauralie's very bouncy Jack. He continues to be pleasant with new dogs - appropriately curious while not be too shy or overly excited. Yeah for the old man. He met Aunt Kay later in the evening. She thinks he is cute. Hopefully Sir Whines-Too-Much will be on his good behavior. If not, Kay has permission to leave him at her vet clinic.

Grace got a turn next and ran with great enthusiasm. She is doing better on the weaves. We got a clean set of twelve poles. I have to just tell her to weave and walk along side the poles. If I talk or cheer lead it messes her up and she watches me instead of doing her job.

Bern ran great but only had 1 set of poles in him. He keeps missing the entrances so I think I want to work those at home. Hopefully with the 2X2 weaves set we can improve his entrances.

Tracey helped me measure the class dogs. The ranged from 11" to 24" so I have one at almost every jump height. As a class, we conquered the full size teeter and A-frame last night. Their weaving is looking much better. And finally we did some handling on the USDAA starters course. All the teams are showing great improvement. What a wonderful group of folks. I'm really proud of all of them.