Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teds Blood Work and Dental

Teddy had not been feeling the best prior to leaving for Gulfport - strange hacking sounds and general listlessness. Dr. Stringer couldn't hear or see any signs of heart trouble (his heart is beating strong, his lungs sound clear, he appears well oxygenated, and his is bouncy). We decided the plan would be for a full older dog blood panel and a teeth cleaning after 3 days of antibiotics (Fri, Sat, and Sun while he was boarding at Dr. Stringer's clinic).

Blood: Teds blood look great except for one pancreas enzyme that was off the chart. It was so off the chart that Dr. Stringer doesn't believe the number and is rechecking with some remaining serum.

Teeth: Teds is now minus 3 teeth. Dr. Stringer said they were very easy to pull since they were all quite loose. Teds has 10 days more of antibiotics to followup on the dental work. He has not made any strange hacking sounds since he got picked up. Maybe the teeth pulling and antibiotics will have solved the hacking problems and resulting listlessness.