Sunday, September 27, 2009

AKC Gulfport, MS Trial

We entered the AKC Gulfport trial for all 3 days... Friday and Saturday included FAST. On Friday Bern managed to complete the FAST course with enough points to Q but we didn't get over the exit jump in time. He did Q in Exec Standard (1st Place) - his first leg. Jumpers was a no weaving NQ. On Friday Grace got a Q in FAST (1st Place). She refused the tire and seemed confused at the weaves in Standard. By Jumpers she seemed less confused at the weaves but she still didn't perform a clean set.

Sarah Dow, the judge for Saturday and Sunday, was at the trial on Friday running her dog Sweep (congrats on the MACH earned Friday) and giving canine massage. Sarah is working through the Northwest School of Canine Massage for her certification. Friday was her only massage day so I paid the $35 and we helped Bern up on the table. Sarah thinks his mid back is giving him trouble and showed me how to work on him.

Saturday was a stellar day for Grace. She earned two Qs.. jumpers (1st Place) and FAST (2nd Place). She even weaved during standard but refused the tire and then decided the dog walk was the teeter, got nervous on the up ramp and baled off. Bern was stiff and sore after Sarah's massage AND HOT... Poor Bern I left him at home a few weekends ago to avoid the heat but this weekend was even worse. Bern walked his three courses on Saturday. He didn't weave in Standard but I got a clean set out of him in jumpers. He actually weaved fast and I got so flustered I forget where I was and sent him off course (DARN IT!).

Sunday was a NQ day. Bern walked both his courses... no weaves in Standard but we were clean. He weaved the 3rd try in jumpers, took the wrong end of a tunnel but left all the bars up. Grace baled the dog walk again in standard... she thought is was the teeter which refused to fall. I didn't handle a pinwheel at the beginning of her jumpers run causing her to back jump. Both times she managed a clean set of 6 weave poles.

The weather was horrible on Saturday afternoon. The skies got very dark and it poured down rain. The incoming "cold" front did contain some cooler breeze. I noticed a nice rainbow while I was gassing the car up on the way to the hotel Saturday night.

Michael Loftis took photos at the trial. I'll post a link when he gets them uploaded.