Monday, September 14, 2009

USDAA Pawprints, Shreveport, LA Trial

Grace and I had a fun, but wet, weekend in Shreveport. The drive with Tracey and her USDAA gang was damp, our Friday evening walk at the hotel was in a drizzle, and so went the weekend. However, we managed for the most part to stay dry and not be outside during the few true downpours that occurred.

Grace ran great both days. Enough points in the gamble run opening... only did 2 of 3 joker obstacles. Performed a clean set of twelve weaves in her standard course but took an off course A-frame (instead of the tunnel). Her jumpers run was clean and fast except for an off course/wrong end tunnel entrance. No Qs for Saturday. More tunnel training would probably have helped these two runs.

Sunday we skipped pairs because I didn't want to hold anyone back... we should have run we could have probably Q'd. Next was standard... Grace weaved every other pole on Sunday and then flew off the end of the dog walk with great enthusiasm. Our final run was snooker... I had a great plan but Grace tried a different plan. I was trying to get her to run behind a curved tunnel she had just exited. The judge was there...I was trying to get there, and she was trying to take obstacles in front of her... therefore, she happily dashed back in the tunnel. Our snooker run was a 3 pointer... we only needed 37 to qualify.

I've discovered a few more training things to work on but she is really very close to be really accurate on every run. Happy, happy dog. She is much more confident when she steps up to the start lines now. Running her at 16 inch in USDAA performance will be a keeper... she was much happier not trying to clear the 22 inch jumps with the large spreads on the double and triples.

Good news for agility friends. Tracey and Jedi earned Jedi's last pairs Q that he needs for his ADCH... now it is up to he and Tracey to get the last Qs as all the teaming Qs are completed. Kamikazee had some nice runs for Tracey including a Super Q in snooker. Tracey and Josie had a clean standard run (finally) but it was 1.69 seconds over time (DARN IT!). Kim and Tessie earned their ADCH. Jason and Chica got 1 of 3 Qs they need to get Chica's ADCH. Therese and Harry still need 1 Super Q for Harry's ADCH - didn't get it in Shreveport.