Friday, September 11, 2009

Off to USDAA Pawprints in Shreveport

Pierre, the plumber, came by yesterday to help me locate the leak in the downstairs bedroom. It was the drain from the upstairs bath... a couple of nails had landed in the drain pipe years ago. The nails were now rusted and no longer plugging the drain pipe so it was a very slow drip but only after using the upstairs bath. Kay loaned me her carpet drying fan that she uses in the kennel. Pierre coming back next Thursday to make the permanent fix once we decide that we found all the leaks.

Grace has practiced weaves this week so we will be ready for Shreveport USDAA this weekend. She and I are riding up with Tracey and her USDAA gang. The boys are staying home with Mike. I think the three of them are looking forward to some guy time. Grace is really loving agility and we haven't run at a show since Monroe so this should be fun. Unfortunately we miss our weekend herding lesson (I sent our entries in for the upcoming Deep South trial so we are committed to the sheep in early November).