Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday: Driving from the Basin to Houston

Friday we finished packing up the car, checked out of the lodge when the desk opened at 7:00 AM, and hit the road. Luckily the sleet/snow from the previous evening had been very light and didn't stick around overnight. It seems Denver, CO had gotten 14 inches of snow on Thursday. The winds were so bad in Shreveport Thursday evening that the steeple blew off FUMC there and landed on a passing car - making the national news.

We saw some wildlife driving out of the park early Friday morning. The only new animal to see for us was a jackrabbit. The rabbit was quick and made it across the road safely.

It was a typical day of driving. We stopped to get coffee in Marathon along with some gas. We managed to buy the gas but after two stops and no coffee we drove onto Fort Stockton. Fort Stockton has a 22 ft tall statue of a roadrunner. We hadn't seen the statue coming through on our way to the park so we wanted to see it on the way out... well come to find out we had driven right past it on our way through town the first time. How do miss a 22 ft tall statue? In our defense it was near the grocery store that we were looking for... The bypass around San Antonio was not well marked and we had had to stop twice and ask for direction - for roads like this a driving GPS might have been helpful. We continued east until we reached the western edge of Houston. Saturday the plan is to be at the Ikea store when it opens, do a little shopping, grab lunch in the cafeteria at the store and hit the road for BTR. We need to rescue the dogs from Kay Saturday PM so Grace can herd at Linda's on Sunday AM.