Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Back to the Weekly Routine

Sunday after the return from vacation, Grace had a herding lesson at Linda's. Since there were going to several folks at the house, Linda offered to cook burgers if we all brought sides. Thanks for the yummy burger!

Grace worked the sheep in the small pen once and in the large pen twice. We practiced doing the direction change and hold that are required as part of the AKC Pre-Trial test. AKC offers tests and trials... the tests are the first level. There is an instinct test, a herding test, and the pre-trial test.... Grace is entered at the pre-trial test level. Two Qs are required for her to earn her PT title. There are 2 judges this weekend - different judge on Sun from Sat so Grace could actually earn a title this weekend but I'm not getting my hopes up!

I taught agility last night. We did lots of jump handling practice and some weaving. The class is looking really good.

Tracey is off to Houston for confirmation on Sat (Xan - 4 point major available at the show) and tracking on Sun (Kazee). Kazee has a tracking title in her - may no critters run across her track directly in front of her this Sunday. I'm sorry I can't go with Tracey on the long drive. I'll be anxious to hear out her weekend goes. May the rain hold off until Monday at both trial sites.