Monday, November 23, 2009

AKC Agility Lake Charles, LA - Saturday

Bern and Grace each ran all 3 classes at the AKC agility trial in Lake Charles on Saturday.

Great news for Bern - He earned his OJP! The Open JWW course wsa tunnel, weave, followed by 15 jumps. Since the weaves were early in the course I knew we had a chance... he did a clean set of weaves on the second try and finished up the course with no knocked bars or off courses. We were a couple of seconds over time due to the weave pole restart but he managed to 1st place Q. He also earned a 1st place Q in FAST - leg 2. He couldn't get a clean set of weaves in Exc A Standard and then he strided right across the yellow contact zone on the dog walk.

Grace struggled with the weaves in Novice Standard and due to handler error she landed on the broad jump instead of across it. We knocked a bar in jumpers. During the gamble/joker in FAST, I said "out tunnel" which she did but she ran to the wrong end of the tunnel. I'm just happy that "out tunnel" is beginning to work now.

Saturday was not the best travel day for Tracey and I. I left my breakfast at home on the kitchen counter, we drove to LCH in the rain in the dark, we unloaded at LCH arena in the rain... By Sunday afternoon the trial seemed to be running smoother with results and ribbons appearing in a more timely manner.