Monday, November 23, 2009

AKC Agility Lake Charles - Sunday

Well we were 0/4 on Sunday for Qs. The judge had tight twisty course and Bern off coursed a couple of times in both his Exc A Standard and JWW runs. Now that he is in Exc and needs to give me a clean set of weaves first try I'm not sure the Exc titles are going to happen for him. There may be some hope if he can run on 24" spaced weave poles. AKC is looking at the spacing issues now.

Grace was ohhhhh so close to a couple of Qs on Sunday. Clean sets of weave poles on the first try. Every thing perfect except one knocked bar in jumpers (Tracey and I are still not sure why she knocked it) and an A-frame to double jump turn that was not as smooth as it could have been. She only knocked down 1 of the 2 bars on the double so it was really close. We'll keep practicing and I'll continue to consider pulling her down to preferred classes so she could jump 16". Tracey is afraid she will be too fast to handle at all at 16"... I may look like Georgie trying to keep up with Zing. To Georgie's credit, she is doing much better at handling Zing's speed.

Lego had the most stellar jumpers run on Sunday - 28 seconds but he entered the weaves at pole 2. DARN IT!!!! Kazee and Tracey ran well with 4/5 runs being Qs over the weekend - earning her XF title, 2 more MXJ legs, and several MACH points. She also picked up an AX leg - one more to go to earn her AX. Xanadu had too much fun in jumpers on Saturday and didn't Q but her weaves were lovely. She had a wonderful agility career ahead of her.

Thanksgiving weekend will include some obedience training (we entered a trial next month), weave pole practice at the house, tracking with Tracey and John, plus herding on Thanksgiving Day at Linda's.

At the agility trial, John and I were talking about Khay's turning issues on tracks. I pointed out to him that Khay really needs to learn to circle around John to search for turns since she tracks very fast and, therefore, has overshot the turn by several feet (maybe yards) before her nose tells her brain to slow up and find the turned track. John thought this was a great idea and wants to work on that. I hope it helps.. Khay tracks between turns like a champ but struggles at almost every turn. I've seen Khay pull John past the turn before she realizes that the track isn't under her nose still.