Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Herding Equipment

Following the judge's advise after the herding seminar I purchased a more flexible herding wand as well as a whistle. I need to practice with the whistle while I'm riding by myself in the car... that way no one but me will have to listen to the weird squeak I get from it now.

According to the UPS package tracking website, my new agility sneakers from Clean Run are scheduled for delivery today. I'm hoping they fit... I ordered some great shoes from Sierra Trading Post but they were a tad to short and my big toes insisted I return those shoes.

The trusty old take-it-everywhere camera has been replaced by a larger MP, more zoom (20X vs 10X), and a faster shutter speed. The lens on the old camera had been coated and some of the coating has worn off. The absence of coating can be seen in some of the agility seminar photos which are now posted on the web here. I did manage to get several good shots of the more steady dogs speedwise running. I tried some still shots with the new camera last night. The pictures downloaded off the camera just fine this AM. This new camera should be good for taking video at herding and agility also. The plan is to give it a road test Thursday while Grace and I herd sheep.

Lots of new dog trainer equipment to start the new year off with....I need to work on the goal list for 2010 soon as we only have one more trial (obedience) to attend in 2009.