Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Helping Out Gulf Coast Dachsund Rescue

At the Lake Charles AKC agility trial a few weekends ago I was chatting with Tonya B. Tonya is active with Gulf Coast Dachshund Rescue. During our chat it came up that one of the dogs in the LCH area had a new forever home in Ohio but Tonya was still trying to work out transportation. It just so happened that I knew someone driving almost to Ohio this week. With Mike's permission, I volunteered him to transport said Dachshund as far as the Seamen's Church Institute Center for Maritime Education in Paducah, Kentucky. Mike is driving up to Paducah to attend the annual River Bell luncheon. Proceeds from the awards luncheon support the Ministry on the River program where Mike is 1 of 3 full-time inland waterway chaplains.

Mike picked up Nugget on his way back from Houston on Monday afternoon. He stopped with Nugget at the Petropolitan on their way into BTR so Noel could trim Nugget's toenails. Thanks Noel for staying a few minutes late. I helped Mike locate a pet friendly hotel along his way. And Teddy loaned Nugget his wire crate for the trip. This is Mike's first rescue work and he is excited about the task.

Nugget and Mike hit the road Tuesday morning headed north (in the pouring rain with the dog whining). Day 1 driving is done and all went well. When I checked in with Mike a few minutes ago Nugget was getting a belly rub in their room at the Best Western.