Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lake Charles Agility Photos... NOT

Captured Memories Photography (CMP) was at the Lake Charles AKC agility trial taking photographs a few weeks ago. The photos are finally up on the web.... unsorted by class, height..just 805 pictures to dig through. After checking through multiple times I only find 2 weaving photos of Bern not really weaving with enthusiasm and 6 pictures of Grace (1 with me at the start line and 5 jumping).

CMP was displaying collages (1 large portrait and with smaller one arranged near it). The prices seemed high but the examples were really nice. I'm glad I waited to purchase anything since the photo selection was basically non-existent. For Tracey's guys, the photographer seems to have gotten some good shots of Lego...less of Kazee and Xan (who only ran once).