Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I made it back from Oklahoma despite the snow. The first 1.5 miles of the journey were the worst... getting out of the neighborhood to the state highway. After that the drive home was good. Only ran into bad traffic as I reached Baton Rouge. We really do need the loop!

I met up with Tracey for some obedience training this AM. She was wearing her Christmas gift coat - the coat seemed to fit fairly well so I was pleased with my coat size selection. Using the park tennis court we worked Bern, Sparkle, and Xanadu on Open exercises. Kamikaze practiced Utility. Bern was really rusty on some of the exercises. We have a month to get them going before the Alexadria trial the last weekend in January.

Grace practiced obedience exercises in all levels and 2X2 weaves. Tracey and I have decided that we really need to install a "stay" in Grace. Tracey had some great ideas so we put them to work today. "Stay" while a dumbbell has been thrown is a huge effort for Grace. We encouraged the stay by rewarding it with an immediate tug game with a favorite toy. This really made her think about her actions. She need to improve her stay for herding so working "stay" in various environments like obedience should improve "stay" in all venues.

After driving around checking several stores today, I ordered a $12 flexible whip flag wand for Grace for herding. Shipping was $10 but Koehn Marketing seems to have the item she needs.

With the turn of the new year I've starting thinking about goals for 2010. I would like to get a 2010 goal list in place before I go back to work on Monday.