Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We are enjoying our White Christmas from the comfort of the house. Bryan and Amber attempted to get to Mom's house earlier in the SUV... the plan then being to take her home in Janet's van. They finally made it back home but decided that another plan is in order. Perhaps walking to Mom's to feed Pete and walking back would be the best. Bryan will try again after lunch.

Meanwhile we had some excitement across the street. The neighbors smelled smoke in their house. It seems that the fan belt on the heater may be the culprit. The fire truck is parked out in the street and the firemen are climbing around in the house attic trying to find the source of the burning plastic smell. Meanwhile, the neighbor's kids were across the street at our house hanging out with my neices staying warm. The picture of the car buried in the snow drift was shot turning and looking up the street in front of the firetruck. Bryan's SUV is stuck in a similar drift in the driveway now. Shoveling snow is on the agenda for after lunch. As I'm finishing this post the firemen are trying to get the fire truck unstuck from in front of the house...not a good day for driving out there!

The snow drift against the fence belongs to the neighbor's next door to the "fire". The snow drifted across the golf course and piled up again the fence. Very Deep!

Tracey has opened her embroidered jacket gift from me. She posted a photo of the embroidery on the back on her blog.