Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hanging out... but practicing weaves

Last week's work schedule was looking hectic so I opted out of trying to make the USDAA show in Crosby TX. It was just as well because I needed a break. I've enjoyed a slower pace this weekend. On the work front things didn't go well last month as the office was $84K below plan. Now there is tremendous pressure to market for new work but be extra billable on the existing work at the same time - gotta love upper management during the down turns.

Friday night was the opening ceremony for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada is on my list of places I want to visit so I'm really enjoying all the lovely scenery shots that NBC is showing. With the Olympics on I'll watch bunches more TV than usual for the next few weeks.

Saturday morning I took Grace to her vet to get her 6 month heartguard shot. But All Pets no long carries the product. I called Highland Road...yes they still had it. I had All Pets print out Grace's records and down the street we drove. So now 2 of the 3 dogs are at the same vet clinic.

While I had the Honda Element out I drove to the repair shop... the repair guys will need to keep the car for a few hours to take the cover panel off the back hatch to figure out why the hatch latch has broken. The latch mechanism is loose in its pocket. I guess I'll squeeze this in one day next week.

Grace did get weaving practice this evening. Her weaving is much better after the trainer changes we made last Wednesday night. I keep trying to get the outside light working in the backyard. It is being stubborn so the back half of the yard is not well lit for training in the evenings at home. Another trip to Lowe's likely today.