Sunday, February 14, 2010

Herding on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines's Day to All.

Grace had a herding lesson Sunday afternoon (waiting till late in the weekend to allow the pastures to dry out some). Linda and I rounded up the three available sheep - we carried the two young ewes and walked the ram (with BC Tap helping) on a leash to the practice pen. Grace's herding continues to look much better. She is downing while the sheep are moving, she doesn't charge the sheep as often when she "walks up", and she has a "steady" speed now while walking behind the sheep. Linda was so pleased with all of this that we started Grace driving the sheep - a skill she will need for future trials. Grace did great driving with only minor frustration at the long line attached to her for control and correction.

We took a break and did some agility. Back to the sheep for actually get "out" during an outrun. Currently Grace does a cue ball run instead of an "out" run. She was doing much better after her practice on Sunday. I think Linda is really excited with the recent progress.