Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mardi Gras Week

Mardi Gras came and went on Tuesday. I didn't do any Mardi Gras celebrating this year - no parades. The weather was too cold and wet.

Grace's weaving continues to improve. We have practiced some at home and at the agility field. For class last night, Tracey and I set up a AKC novice standard course from the Gulfport show in January. Due to a lack of students we just taught a combined class last night. Grace smashed the double every time she took it. After the trial in New Iberia this weekend I plan to pull her down to 16" for other AKC shows.

Mike and Bern attended class so they could practice together for their upcoming debut in USDAA pairs - the practice went well. Mike is struggling to do everything quick enough for Bern since the handling thing is new to him and Bern is a seasoned agility veteran, but they looked really good 85% of the time last night. We need to get some video so Mike can watch himself.

House hunting continues. Tuesday afternoon it was the Goldilocks problem again - the 1st house was really too big (the listing agent left the largest room of the house off the MLS listing so the MSL sf total was far too small for the actual size of the home), the 2nd house was stuck in 1962 but was priced at a much newer house $/sf rate but was going to cost a fortune to update, and the 3rd house had a bad case of termites. The 3rd house had a huge yard but the swimming pool size fish pond would have had to go but it was priced low enough that the pond could have been pulled and my pocketbook not be too destitute.

The agent has now found another house on a circle with a wedge yard that is huge in the back with multiple fenced areas and door dogs. I'm scheduled to go walk through it this afternoon.