Monday, February 1, 2010

Pedometer Week 2

At URS the Great Place to Work (GP2W) committee is sponsoring a walking program. Over 80 of us have pedometers strapped to our waists now. I was disappointed at how few steps I managed to get at the obedience trial over the weekend so I'm playing step catchup before the weekly tally through Thursday is due in. I did manage to move up 7 slots in the ranking between week 1 and week 2. I'm in the middle of the pack and hope to continue to move upwards in the rankings.

I tried "stepping" during bell choir rehearsal since I was standing up from 5:45 until 7:00 pm this evening... the pedometer didn't register my efforst since I really couldn't move enough to make the pedometer think I was walking. When I got home it was cold and rainy outside so I spent several minutes this evening visiting with my mom on the phone and walking in circles around the downstairs - one advantage of the open floor plan. Grace follows me when I walk with the most confused expression on her face.

The grooming table I ordered came in over the weekend. Everyone has had a turn. Nobody was thrilled. However the brushing and trimming is much easier on my back with the dogs elevated and confined. Previously Bern had a bad habit of just walking off while I'm getting hair out of his brush... which in his case is quite often. The grooming table has put a stop to that habit.

House hunting (one story house, larger yard) continues. The realtor emailed me about a new listing in Broadmoor today. I hope to go see it tomorrow.