Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teaching Agility in the Drizzle

A rather large rain storm was moving in Wednesday evening. Eventually it poured down rain most of the night. However, it just drizzled rain during agility class.

Tracey and I met at the field early to set up a USDAA Novice jumpers course. The course had an easy to remember flow but some tricky turns. Between both our classes we had 4 students last night so we combined classes. Tracey suggested I get Grace and let her practice with the class. She continues to drive toward obstacles better. However, she took out the final double jump every time we ran the course. Since she still struggles to watch where she is going I may have to move her down to preferred if she is going to Q consistently. For USDAA she is running in performance since the 22" triple jump was too huge for her to clear.

Bern practiced weaves and a few other obstacles before class started. The drizzle had turned to rain by the end of class so I didn't run him any after class was over. Among other classes Bern is entered in Overcome to run pairs with Grace... we need to practice that.