Sunday, February 28, 2010

USDAA OCAC Agility, Baton Rouge, LA

The Overcome Agility Club trial was held in Baton Rouge at Parker Colosseum (the former Cow Palace) on the LSU campus this weekend. It also makes for a long weekend since our club is so very small. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who pitched in and volunteered at the trial. Since we are through with that trial I need to really focus on the tracking trial since it will be here in two weeks and I'm the trial chair/secretary!

Grace came home from the weekend with 3 first places (she managed to make it around these course without getting eliminated) and 1Q. Her Q run was P1 jumpers. GOOD GIRLIE GRACE! We didn't really expect to get 12 weaves in standard either day but we still need to do some contact work with her and teach her an agility broad jump command (as well as wrap, turn for 180s, right,and left). She knocked a bar in the joker on her gamble run but she got "out" to do the gamble. Snooker is not her game yet.. Elaine's seminars have taught her to NEVER run around jumps so a wrap command should help in Snooker.

Grace ran pairs with Bern (handled by Mike). Mike had run Bern in class for the past three weeks but was still feeling very green walking out to run. They did well except Bern didn't weave for Mike. Bern and I then ran an accommodating pairs run for Kay and Zeke. It took 2 tries at the weaves but we managed to get Zeke a Q. I was very proud of Mike for running Bern. It takes lots of courage to step into the ring and run for the first time. GO MIKE!

Bern was the star over the weekend. He came home with 3 Qs (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places), 3 new titles, and a NQ 3rd place run in Standard on Sunday. His Q runs were in P1 Standard (Saturday), P1 Snooker, and P1 Jummpers - the 3rd leg he needed for each of these titles. It took a bit of effort at the weaves on Saturday in Standard but I was determined to get through that course. He off-coursed in Standard on Sunday trying to avoid weaving.. the chute looked easier to him and was in the general direction of the weave poles...SUPER GOOD BOY BERN!

Since the whole pack was at the agility trial, Teddy rode along on Saturday. The Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) mobile unit was the 4H Club portion of the trial activities. Teddy is now sporting a new microchip He was a trooper while the chip was inserted and was on his very best (no whining) behavior all day Saturday (12 hours or so). He played some on the 4H rally/agility fun course. It was dark in that corner of the arena and my Teds-having-fun photos are all blurry.GREAT BOY TEDS!