Thursday, March 4, 2010

BUSY DAY! Meadowood Passed Inspection with Flying Colors

Today was a busy day. The house inspection at Meadowood was scheduled for 11:00. The inspector was thorough... we were there until 2:30 pm. We then spent a few more minutes looking at the gate situation. Most all is well with the house - there are 2 red dots on electrical issues (one reversed polarity outlet in the kitchen and a 20 amp fuse attached to incoming 15 amp wire). An infrared scan of the ceiling in the house revealed lots of coverage gaps with the attic insulation. The inspector says he will come back (no charge) and rescan the ceiling if I get some more insulation blow in which he HIGHLY encouraged.

Entries closed this evening for the tracking trial. I've emailed everyone and included a draft of their dog's entry in the catalog for proofing. So far I've heard back from two of the folks already. They were eagerly sitting at their computers this evening waiting for an email. So far so good on the trial front. I need to round up track layers this week.