Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Half in the dark..the lift and shift is starting..

I signed all the paperwork for the house on Meadowsood Monday afternoon. The son of the deceased owners had found keys to most of the locks on the property and labeled them with a tag (thank you fellow engineer). These 6 keys have been on the wet bar in the den for realtor/buyer use when showing the home. The son further decided it would be best to just hand over the remaining keys that his parents still had in their possession minus the obvious luggage keys. So as of yesterday I now have a massive keychain containing about 20 unidentified keys in addition to the 6 labeled keys.

Mike and I met at the house after rehearsal last night to walk through. We got inside to find half the house with electricity and half the house in the dark. When I called Entergy yesterday the nice lady didn't indicate that Entergy had already cut off the power. So this is weird... after thinking about it I'm going to email the helpful house inspector to see if he has any ideas. The rear bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and breakfast area have power. The garage door works but the lights in the garage are dead. The dining room chandelier was dead but the den had lights. The master bath and bedroom are dark but the hall bath had lights. The security light in the backyard was on. No thrown breakers that we could find... of course we weren't expecting to need flashlights and were underpowered for our detective work.

As we were enjoying the fresh air outside eating our burgers on the covered porch it dawned on Mike that the window film on the 3 huge panes of the den sliding door was applied backwards. The mirrored side is to the inside meaning that one can see in the house at night from outside with no trouble at all; however, the folks inside in the den can't see out into the backyard at all. I'll call the local window film guy that filmed Fairview to see if he can come "fix" that problem. I also realized that I need to order yet another dog gate - I'm still one short!

Well the move seems to be off to a confused start. Did any of us expect anything else?