Thursday, April 1, 2010

Very Small Beginners Agility Class

As sometimes happens in the spring folks get busy and can't make agility class. My new session of beginners agility only has one student in it. After working Bern and Grace before class, I worked with Kim & Bo for about 40 minutes.

Bern ran great when it was his turn on the practice course (an excellent standard course from the AKC Mobile, AL show last weekend). The course had the tire as the first obstacle and he completed it without any bobbles. I can help him see the opening if he is sitting 5 feet on the other side of the tire. The entry to the weaves was terrible for Bern coming off the table but once he hit the first pole I got a clean set of 12. Yippee!

Grace ran with gusto. She struggled with the tire going in the direction it was set on the course but was happy to jump back through it on the do-over return to the start line. This happened about three times before she would jump it going the correct direction. She took off too early for the triple and smashed just the last bar a couple of times until she fixed herself - one attempt included the waving front paws as she frantically tried to pull them up over the last bar. All in all she did great on the excellent level course including practice on the set of 12 weave poles.

We are off to Amite, LA for the Deep South Club's AKC agility trial this weekend. Both dogs all 3 AKC events for Saturday only. Next weekend is LCCOC's trial at Parker Arena, LSU Campus, Baton Rouge. Friday evening LCCOC will be offering a Time2Beat class demo. I've agreed to be the secretary for the demo. Noel and John are judging. Time2Beat courses are similar to USDAA steeplechase courses. See an example Time2Beat course below: