Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pat's Day,.....Happy Birthday Mom

Today was St. Patrick's Day. I managed to get Mom's birthday gift wrapped in green paper with a green ribbon sporting a green & white St. Pat's Day BDay card and overnight mailed it to her for today. After all that yesterday I forgot to wear green to work today. Only minor teasing at work today since several other folks forgot also.

Today was a most discouraging day. The appraisal vendor that USAA selected has yet to make an appearance at Meadowood for an appraisal. We are scheduled to close in a little over a week and the appraisal is still in the stock pens behind the arena. It doesn't sound like the appraisal has even been saddled and led to the starting gate yet. I fussed as well as I knew how at USAA today. I spent so much time on hold listening to the jazzy hold music that my fully charged cell phone ran out of juice. The loan officer seems totally confused that the appraisal isn't magically appearing from the vendor. I sent a complaint in through the email feedback system... may someone please have the sense to hire a replacement appraiser "B" ASAP since appraiser "A" seems to have, in my Realtor Debbie's words, died or gone to Vegas.

Tracey's birthday is on Friday and her birthday gift is still in pieces on my office/craft room floor. Maybe this weekend I can steal a few minutes to finish it. Tracey will be in College Station at a USDAA trial this weekend. I'm staying home to catch my breath and try to recover from the creeping crud.