Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meadowood Pre-Purchase Walk Through

We walked through the house today at lunch for a final inspection before purchasing the home. All is well with the home. Monday afternoon there will be a huge sucking sound as the down payment for the house is wired out of the account.

I saw the cute photo on a moving guide website. The particular web page was discussing items that should NOT pack for the movers to move. I had to chuckle at the dog in the packing peanuts since the current plan calls for the dogs to be one of the first things that gets moved to the new house.

The local URS office is a sponsor for the BTR Providence Corporate Cup 5k run. Our office Great Place 2 Work (GP2W) committee held a t-shirt logo contest. The winning design will be submitted to the Corporate Cup committee's contest from URS as a sponsoring organization. To develop my logo I downloaded logos for the race and the two agencies that the race supports. All in all I think my design came out pretty good. There were only 3 entries in the URS office logo contest... so the worst I can place is 3rd. Today was the GP2W Spring Craft Fair with one of the booths being the voting poll for the t-shirt logo contest. I guess I will know later this week how my designed placed.

Last night was the March LCCOC meeting. Tracey was presented her birthday gift - a portable obedience jump with a black and white pole similar to the regulation poles. She seemed excited. It will be fairly easy to transport to obedience class on Thursday evenings or to the park for a Saturday practice session.