Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Agility Practice at Michele's house... Not Exactly

My plan for Tuesday night was to get home from work early and take Grace to Michele's house for practice.  Michele emailed the LCCOC Yahoo group and invited all of us to come by and practice on a course set up at her house on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.  Since her house is right around the corner from mine I thought this would be great.

I phoned her cell phone around 6:15 PM - there was still plenty of time left to practice before it got dark.  Currently Michele is in need of lights at her place so I needed to finish up by ~ 7:30 PM or so.  I waited until 7:00 pm for a call back before I fed the dogs their dinner.... it was 9:15 PM before Michele called me back.  By then it was dark and way to late.  Great training opportunity tonight I need to get Grace to the field early with super duper yummy treats for contact equipment practice.