Thursday, April 8, 2010

No fear.. the contacts are here

Last night Grace and I walked onto the practice field armed with Chick-Fil-A.  We headed for the teeters because I wanted to use the chicken up there first.  Grace did both teeters at the field with no hesitation.. BANG.  BANG!  She then flew over LCCOC's AKC dogwalk.  I then took her to OCAC's USDAA dogwalk which she didn't want to do last time I ask her to.... she was over the bouncy USDAA dog walk in about 2 seconds.  Okay so the contact obstacles at the field aren't a problem.

Tracey has offered Grace some training time on the contacts at her house - it would definitely be a change of environment for her.  We will try and fit this in tomorrow morning.  I know Tracey will have to shuffle dogs around but it would sure be a great training opportunity.  I'm also going to try to get to Michele's since she is only 3 minutes from the house if that far.  Grace will be running the Time2Beat demo on Fri evening - I'm hoping the ring time gets her confidence up for the trial on Saturday.

I ordered Grace her birthday gift - a chuckit ball tosser for the new yard.  Actually what I needed was a pinch collar for her (for herding) and a muzzle (for trimming toe nails) so they are coming as well.

The doggie dog for the new house has been selected.  I'm going with a Endura Door.  May it hold up better than our current door as Bern and Grace try to go through it at the same time - Teds usually hangs back and goes through on his own otherwise he gets mushed by the bigger dogs.  Things are shaping up at the new house slowly.