Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridge Over Troubled Broad Jumps

For my agility this week I picked a course from the Clean Run website titled Bridge Over Troubled Broad Jumps.  I thought this was a great choice since Novice dogs see the broad jump on standard courses.  Grace practiced "reach" before class started... oh my we need more "reach" practice (probably with a jump or two in the middle of the broad jump).  Bern did great - even getting out to the weaves for me.

As it worked out, I taught Kay's class so Kay could work Toozie (I don't seem to have students this session).  The students weren't ready for the course yet with a broad jump so we worked the jump/tunnel sections of the course, the broad jump separately, the teeter, and the A-frame.  Class went well but I have teams with varying skills sets that all need to be perfecting different handling skills.  Oh well I guess we just work a few minutes on each type of skill and I'll point out were folks can do some homework.