Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reduced Hours and Furloughs

URS Corp evaluated the numbers for 2010Q1 and decided to take action.  The powers that be mandated that our office would reduce $s of indirect labor (IL - time folks are on the clock that isn't getting billed to a client).  In order to do that each team leader was assigned a target.  Some entire teams had their hours reduced to 32 since they don't seem to have enough billable work for the team.  The remediation team, with Dennis leading the way, is not going to reduce anyone's hours - we will work everyone's schedule to meet our $400/week IL reduction goal.  We are going to try and manage everyone's time with the senior folks likely donating some time to allow everyone to keep their whole paycheck so one person isn't getting docked the $400.  It seems that in addition to reducing IL each team needs to increase direct labor (DL - chargeable hours) - our team goal is an extra $2,200 per week.  Our team looses a geologist to a transfer back "home" later this month.  It is really going to be hard to meet the increased  DL team goal with one less person helping bill hours.

I packed up more boxes in the upstairs closet early this morning with the hope of getting some of it moved today.  I have clothes in my car to drop off when I meet the home owners insurance documentation person later this morning.  The goal is to have the clutter out this week and move the furniture next weekend that won't be part of the house staging.