Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving Dogs to Meadowood Ranch

Thursday was obedience practice.  Tracey and I met at BCBS and ran Xan, Kazee, Bern, and Grace through various obedience exercises.  Grace had a shakey "stay" while the dumbbell was thrown while Bern is still shakey on his "drop".  But all in all it was a better practice than previous ones.  Tracey needs to remember to bring extra yummy treats for the beagles and the husky.

Saturday morning it was storming and the ASCA agility trial in Folsom was outside with no cover.  Grace and I voted to pass and stay home.  Instead I took all 3 dogs to the vet for baths/nail trims/etc then ran back to the house and moved crates, toys, food, and water/food bowls to the new house.  After their baths I brought them to the new house and they are now living at Meadowood.  The dogs seems to understand the change in location.  Even Teddy has figured out the new, better weather sealed dog door which means that the dogs need to push hard on it to get it open.  Saturday night was to first night to sleep at Meadowood.

Sunday it was more moving - clothes, shoes, laundry soap, and kitchen items.  Things are beginning to take shape at the new house.