Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving....2 More Loads

Ever the lifesaver, Tracey called me a few minutes after 5:00 PM.  I told her I was skipping agility (thank you Kay and Polly for covering my one student this session tonight) so that I could move more loads since tomorrow I'm stuck in meetings all day and then we need to do obedience practice.  Tracey said she and Rich were in town with the truck and would meet me at the house to grab some large bulky items.  I rushed home from work... that database query can wait until tomorrow!

We loaded up the vehicles and headed to Meadowood.  I paid the Roths off with one 24" piece of concrete reinforcing bar and the promise of some of the stump mulch from the backyard - seriously though - THANK YOU!!!!!!.  Slowly but surely the house is getting empty but my gosh this is taking FOREVER.  I still need to move my clothes and shoes!

I stayed at the house and unpacked boxes.  I've got music playing now while I unpack.  The house is need of lights for the bedrooms - trying to unpack sewing items with only the one bulb in the closet burning is not cutting it!