Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obedience Trial... Day 2

The obedience trial got off to a great start today.  Grace pulled out a Q and 2nd place in the Graduate Novice class.  Leg 1 down.. 2 more to go.  She is struggling on Figure 8 off leash healing... my plan is to work on this when it cools down outside this evening.

Bern found his drop in the ring today.... however he lost his dumbbell retrieves (I think he was disappointed I didn't have a cookie reward on hand and got flustered).  The judge was rushing me today and it was miserable.  Tomorrow's judge should be better about that.  (I wish I had brought his dumbbell home from the trial site so we could practice tonight!).

Tracey and Kazee did better today than yesterday.  Still no drop during the signal exercise but the glove and go-outs looked much better.

After Grace's victory Q photos, the whole pack enjoyed the cookies that she earned as part of her 2nd place price package.  Notice that now even Sir Tedwards has a down for cookies.

A nasty storm blew threw this afternoon complete with hail.  Luckily I was pulling into the Hancock Fabrics for some nylon fabric to make an obedience panel jump out of my agility bar jumps.  There was covered parking for the engineering firm next door so the Element waited the hail storm out under cover.