Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teaching Agility... Week 2

I took Grace to the agility field last night... she was rusty on her weaves (bad Mom for not working them more consistently).  We polished the weaves a bit and ran over the teeter a few times.  She was happy to be there earning left over chicken.

In my beginners agility class of 1, Michele and Lucky Lucy are really improving.  Michele is struggling adjusting from Max (a very mini dog) to Lucy (a very non-mini dog).  Tracey agrees with me that Lucy seems to have lots of Rhodesian Ridgeback in her - a sighthound with hound dog traits.  The other part of Lucy seems animated and playful - lab maybe?  Lucy has a great toy drive. She is willing to play agility or tug with me if I have the toy or cookies.  Michele brought Lucy a toy and I showed her some things to do with the toy to encourage more speed and excitement.  Once we got the toy out last night we had a new excited dog on our hands, I think Michele was surprised at  how excited Lucy was about playing agility when the toy was part of the reward.

Bern and Grace each took a turn this morning at obedience.  Oh my.. Bern has found his drop and lost 2 other exercises (his retrieve over high was ugly and he cut the corner on the broad jump horridly).  Grace is looking better but her performance is still going to be really rough this weekend.  Her healing is looking much better - she is watching and not tracking/sniffing.  Grace is catching on to the out of sight stays game - if she will just stay down until I get back into heal position it will be a miracle.  She pops up all excited when I get within 2 feet of her.  I'm being careful to not treat until we have left the stay area.  I will be cramming several more stay sessions in between now and Saturday morning.

Baths are on the agenda before the show but I'm not sure when.  Tonight is week 3 of teaching beginner obedience class.  Tomorrow night I'm working the match at Lamar Dixson - I've heard horror stories about how late it runs but I'll do my part to support the club.