Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taking Time Out for a 3D Movie

Saturday morning was spent making repairs on Fairview - the microwave display was wigged out (it took several resets to get it functioning again), one of the stove knobs was broken (it was working fine when I moved out a few weeks ago), there was a broken sink stopper (a sink that never got used), and most of the wall-mounted plug in lights were removed so as to not confuse the next home inspector.  Back on the market we go...

Saturday evening I suggested to Mike that we go see
a 3D movie, Voices in the Dark, at LASM.  The film was about 45 minutes long - it was hard on my back and neck looking up for that long but it was well worth the discomfort.  The movie team worked with the Hamburg Planetarium to develop the film.  It is a series of 3D graphical animations with instrumental or vocal music that changes with each sequence.  There was a fabulous spiral staircase scene... the ascent up the staircase started out slow but sped up consistently (see insert photo).  Towards the top I was getting a very dizzy sensation and had to close my eyes.

In the film's opening scenes you move forward skimming along above the ground traveling just above a streambed with huge butterflies, dragonflys, turtles, a waterfall, etc.  To me the nature scenes were the best but several of the other effects were stunning.  I highly recommend the experience.  The film trailer for Voices in the Dark in on the web but doesn't give much effect on the flat computer monitor.

Mike wants to go back and see the We Are Astronomers film - maybe next weekend if my back is up to it.