Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teach Agility... Week 3

Last night was week 3 for Michele and Lucky Lucy.  Cheryl and her Boston terrier Charlie joined us also due to some mis-communications on which classes were being taught.  Both teams are improving.  Charlie had very few terrier moments last night and Lucy is running with more enthusiasm now that Michele has a ball tug toy in her hand.  We practiced skills at the bottom of the contacts with some obstacles before and after so there was speed involved.  I then set up a box of 4 jumps and we worked box exercies next.

Prior to class I worked Bern and Grace for a few minutes.  Grace did a few great set of weaves.  Bern did a great set of 10 weaves several times (darn him!).  I was please with the eagerness of both dogs.  Grace would benefit from some box work so I make more jumps for the house and practice there.

Tracey brought Xan, Spirit, and Kazee to work before class also.  Spirit is finding the missing obstacles but weaving is a struggle.  After we finished working our dogs we came up with a plan for teaching obedience Thursday night.  Now if I can just remember the plan....